Eight Tips in Preparing for your First Stage Race

For some runners, it’s the challenge of pushing new boundaries. For others, it’s the allure of a week of touristic running. Either way, stage race preparation requires a different strategy and focus than single-day events. Ready to tackle your first stage race? Here are some training tips to maximize your multi-day racing and help you avoid injury: BE STRATEGIC ABOUT … Read More

SusanEight Tips in Preparing for your First Stage Race

The Unexpected Physical Therapist

My name is Rachel, and I am not your typical Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) student. I’m 32, a published travel writer, and I didn’t take a single science course as an undergraduate (note: you need 10 pre-med courses to even apply to DPT programs). Deciding to become a physical therapist was a 7-year-long decision for me that involved soul-searching … Read More

SusanThe Unexpected Physical Therapist

Getting “Fired” from a Long-Distance Triathlon

  Imagine training for months to race your heart, soul and body out in a high-altitude long-distance triathlon, only to get “fired” from the starting line. The Tahoe Ironman scheduled to take place at the end of September of this year, was one such event. Age-groupers, elites and professional triathletes alike were all “fired” from the same event, irregardless of … Read More

SusanGetting “Fired” from a Long-Distance Triathlon

CALL to AZIONE! 110k of Iceland in 5 Stages

Push your boundaries.  Run to the edge.  Get intimate with the land of Fire and Ice.  Inspire and be inspired by a group of ADVENTURISTS We are now LESS than three months away from what could be one of the most amazing adventures of your life.  If you have recently run a marathon and want to push your distance in … Read More

SusanCALL to AZIONE! 110k of Iceland in 5 Stages

Sagittal Plane Saga

Sometimes we runners overdo it in the sagittal plane! As someone who is guilty of this, I really value getting into hip opening activities that will support my endurance activities.  Running is a very sagittal plane-oriented activity and with endurance running, hip muscles that are big sagittal plane players can get “bossy” and take charge just a little too much!  As an endurance athlete and … Read More

SusanSagittal Plane Saga


On the importance of recovery……If you are an endurance athlete, chances are you are also a highly motivated, ambitious individual.  If you fall into this category, one of your biggest challenges may actually be learning how to rest and recognize the signs of overtraining.  I truly believe that recognizing these signs is one of the best ways for an athlete … Read More


Soft-Surface Running: The Good, The Bad and The Extreme

It has been snowing like crazy in Northern Italy!!!  Hats off to Mother Nature and her ability to keep us on our toes!  I LOVE the snow and how it pushes me to get creative with outdoor urban workouts.  Last weekend, I ventured out for snowy runs on multiple occasions and I could not stop thinking about how running in the snow … Read More

SusanSoft-Surface Running: The Good, The Bad and The Extreme

Tips for Maximizing Night Running

It’s January and it’s dark.  While other people are complaining about the lack of light and the long, dark days, you can be on the flipside and run to the dark side to help you maximize your winter training.   If you work during the daylight hours, running in the dark can be requisite to continuing outdoor training in the winter.   And especially if you are training … Read More

SusanTips for Maximizing Night Running

Tips for Endurance Desert Races

If you are someone who is setting out for a desert racing adventure that will be testing your endurance, there are some things you should be aware of before embarking on an intense training program and heading out to brave the elements.  Here are some of my top tips for training and racing in a desert running event: 1. Be Adaptable to … Read More

SusanTips for Endurance Desert Races

Get Back to your Nomadic Roots!

While I am a fan of the geometric, man-made modern world I live in, I find a huge sense of liberation in returning to nature, its sheer power and the unpredictability of its elements.  Once upon a time, humans were mostly nomadic and had extremely intimate relationships with their physical world.  What percentage of the time do we spend on pavement vs. dirt or … Read More

SusanGet Back to your Nomadic Roots!