CALL to AZIONE! 110k of Iceland in 5 Stages

Push your boundaries.  Run to the edge.  Get intimate with the land of Fire and Ice.  Inspire and be inspired by a group of ADVENTURISTS

Incredible-Nature-Scenery-in-Iceland-We are now LESS than three months away from what could be one of the most amazing adventures of your life.  If you have recently run a marathon and want to push your distance in a bucket-list event, this unique race could be for you.   Imagine yourself running across volcanic terrain, on black sand beaches, along the edge of a crevasse, across lava fields and desert terrain, pushing your physical boundaries as you get intimate with the land of FIRE and ICE.  People will call you crazy.  You will know you are INSPIRED.

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SusanCALL to AZIONE! 110k of Iceland in 5 Stages

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