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suzzW Ciao! Thank you for traveling to my site.  I’ve been called an adventurist, a risk-taker, an entrepreneur, a leader, an athlete, a compassionate physical therapist, an alien and a damn good listener.   After years of taking bold actions, some leading to great success… and others leading to epic ‘lessons’, I would agree with the name-calling.  All except ‘alien’.  My repeated rebuke to that is “I am not an alien, just a mere citizen of the world”.  My professional dream is to share my knowledge and expertise as a physical therapist, athlete and adventurer to ultimately help others find, rediscover or refine motion and to push against personal boundaries.

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy, certified both in the U.S. and in Italy.  I have been an actively practicing physical therapist for over a decade, consistently growing and evolving orthopedic, manual-therapy specialties and personal endurance training.  As an academic, I represented the APTA (American Physical Therapy Association), presented my research work at national conferences and initiated University collaborations with the National Abilities Center (NAC) in Utah to promote skiing events for individuals with chronic neurologic conditions.

Since the very first skiing endeavor, I have taken my physical therapy expertise on the road multiple times, working with elite, professional and recreational athletes competing in ultra-running events and Ironman distance triathlons.   I am an avid endurance athlete and have competed in national and international distance triathlons and ultra-marathons.  From being on both sides of the race support/racing spectrum, I have refined my approach to confidently help active individuals maximize physical fitness and racing results while minimizing the risk of injury.  I have contributed some of my perspectives as a runner and physical therapist to Trailrunner magazine as well as a podcasts for runners,  “The Running Lifestyle” and adventurers, “Like a Bigfoot”.

My love affair with running and wilderness exploration was rekindled with my first 100km crossing of the Tunisian Sahara desert. Admittedly, I signed up for the the ultra marathon event as a blink decision, knowing and feeling that I needed something big and bold to reconnect with my travel and running passions again. At that time, I had completed only one marathon in my life and a few half-marathons. The idea of running four days through the Sahara desert scared me, but at the same time it excited me… the extremity of the conditions, taking my running to a new level, reconnecting with my love for the desert and wilderness running…. I took my running bucket list straight the wilds of the Sahara.

My first Saharan experience was a true reawakening and solidified my belief that amazing new possibilities will present themselves when you travel down the road of passion.

I believe in the power of living in daily passion and in living for your bucket list now.



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